Prof. Dr Primož Pelicon

Scientific Counsellor, Head of the DepartmentE-mail: Tel: +38615885294

Prof. dr. Primož Pelicon is engaged in the development of research methods and the applications of high energy ion beams. He co-authored 139 papers listed in the WOS. During his career, he was active in the research of materials and fusion. Lately, he is intensively engaged in the development and applications of high energy focused ion beams in biology and medicine. He was leading the developments of micro-PIXE facility at Jožef Stefan Institute for the analysis of biological materials, which belongs to the world´s most advanced of its kind. Recently, he is focused into the development of MeV-SIMS, a novel imaging mass spectroscopy method, which applies heavy high energy ions, i.e. 6 MeV 35Cl6+ ions, for a desorption of non-fragmented large organic molecules with exceptionally high yields. Currently, the MeV-SIMS molecular imaging with Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer at JSI achieves lateral resolution of 800 nanometers at non-coated biological tissues, which positions this approach among most capable in the field of imaging mass spectroscopy.


  • BSc in Physics (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of mathematics and physics, 1991)
  • Ph.D. in Physics (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of mathematics and physics, 1997)


  • young researcher (PhD student) at Jožef Stefan Institute, 1991– 1997,
  • visiting PhD student, Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (ATOMKI) Debrecen, Hungary (Okt.1992-Dec.1993),
  • postdoc at Jožef Stefan Institute, 1997-2003,
  • research scientist II, “Ion Beam Modification and Analysis Laboratory”, Department of Physics,   University of North Texas, Denton, ZDA, 2001-2002
  • research associate at IJS: 2004-2009
  • higher research associate at IJS: 2009-2014
  • scientific counsellor at IJS: 2014-
  • head of Department for low and medium energy physics: 2013-
  • habilitated professor at the Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana: 2020-

Field of work

  • High energy focused ion beams: development and applications: biology, medicine
  • Ion Beam Analytical techniques and applications: materials, fusion
  • Construction of beamlines and instrumentation
  • Tandem accelerator management and maintenance

Other projects



  • (2019 – 2022) N1-0090: Slikanje molekularnih porazdelitev na nivoju celice
  • (2018 – 2021) J7-9398 :  Molekularno slikanje v celici
  • (2008 – 2011) J7-0352: Mapiranje v stenah fuzijskih reaktorjev in znotraj bioloških celic
  • (2001 – 2004) J1-3279: Tridimenzionalna elementarna tomografija tankoplastnih struktur in površin