IAEA CRP Hydrogen Permeation in Nuclear Materials - Experiments and Modelling of in Situ Uptake, Transport and Release Studies of Hydrogen Isotopes in Irradiated Tungsten

Type of project: international

Duration: 2020 - 2025

Project leader: Doc. Dr Sabina MarkeljCode: F43025 - Research contract 24699Coworkers: Dr Esther Punzón Quijorna, Mitja Kelemen, Prof. Dr Primož PeliconLaboratories: Laboratory for fusion research

This CRP will seek to enhance the knowledge base and reduce uncertainties in data concerning the migration of hydrogen in materials of relevance to nuclear fusion reactors.

In this research contract we aim to understand the basic processes that occur in the plasma-facing wall material, such as hydrogen transport in a material with lattice defects, the effect of interstitial impurity atoms (HI and He) on defect evolution, and the role of the surface on HI uptake and release. For this purpose, well-defined experiments with in situ measurements of D depth profile are proposed to study transport and permeation through fusion relevant tungsten material.

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