Accreditation Certificate LP-022 LP-022_snip

Annex to the Accreditation Certificate LP-022 

Type of scope: flexible (possibility of implementig minor modifications of the method)*
Site: in the laboratory
Testing fields with reference to the type of test: radiochemistry, radiation (alfa, beta, gamma spectrometry, radiation protection measurements)
Testing fields with reference to the type of test item: environment and samples from the environment

No. Identification of the document, describing the testing method Characteristic or parameter tested Description of test
(type of test, test principle or technique)
Range of testing Items tested
(materials, products)

TLD-DN-02** / ver. 12 (apr. 2020)

in-house method on the basis of modified standard method IEC 62387

Air kerma, ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) for usage in personal and environmental dosimetry

Measurements with TL dosemeters

Measurement range of TLD system:

0,0075 mSv – 5 Sv

for energy range

40 keV – 1,2 MeV

Dosemeter tablets



* Laboratory can implement minor modifications of the method as necessary (e.g. adaptation to the new version). Detailes on the actual state of the scope is maintained by the laboratory.

** In April 2020 complete revision of the procedure was performed. Updates due to the new revision of the IEC 62387 standard (ed. 2.0, January 2020) were implemented and a complete revision of the uncertainty budget was performed. Besides improvements in the response of the finger dosemeters at different energies were introduced.

Updated: 20-4-2023