Maintaining the emergency and preparedness response (EPR) by ELME

In the event of a nuclear or radiological accident, the radioactive material is emitted and dispersed into the environment via typical transmission pathways. The protective and rescue measures to be applied in such a case are set out in the National Protection and Rescue Plan (ACPDR).

Ecological laboratory with a mobile unit – ELME FAT (Field Assistance Team), which is an organized structure of key experts in the field of ionizing radiation in the Republic of Slovenia, constantly maintains readiness for a emergency monitoring.

Technical requirements for maintaining  emergency and preparedness response (EPR) are set out in the Rules on Radioactivity Monitoring (JV10), Official Gazette of the RS, no. 27/18.

The most important part of maintaining the EPR is the ongoing education and training of active members of ELME. As part of the project, twice a year the ELME  performs field drills in various activities (measurements, sampling, communication, ...) in the vicinity of the Krško NPP. It is essential to maintain and supplement the capacities of ELME (equipment, sufficient number of active members).

The task of ELME is also to advise the regulatory bodies and employees of the Krško NPP in the event of an emergency.