Sandi Gobec

TechnicianE-mail: Tel: +38614773476

My occupation at F-2 department are the measurements of personal dosimeters worn by workers, exposed to ionizing radiation at their working environment. I'm also measuring the ionizing radiation in environment, particularly around Nuclear power plant Krško, some selected locations in Slovenia, surroundings of warehouse ARAO (Agency for Radioactive Waste) and individual houses.

I am also part of active personnel of ELME. ELME's field of occupation is collection of samples from soil, air, food etc. for analysis.


  • Natural science and mathematics high school Bežigrad


  • Elementary school Ledina – Hospital school department 1994 - 2000
  • Business for product marketing and quality of life 2000 - 2001
  • IJS – Department of Low and Medium Energy Physics F2, 2001 – present

Field of work

  • Research of ionizing radiation in environment
  • Personal dosimetry