EUROfusion, Fusion Technology - Work program Prospective Research & Development –Integrated Radiation Effects Modelling and Experimental Validation IREMEV (WP PRD-IREMEV)

Type of project: international

Duration: 2021 - 2025

Project leader: Doc. Dr Sabina MarkeljCode: WP PRD-IREMEVCoworkers: Dr Esther Punzón Quijorna, Mitja Kelemen, Prof. Dr Primož Pelicon, Zdravko Rupnik, Dr Primož VavpetičExternal coworkers: Dr Sergei Dudarev (WP PRD-IREMEV project leader)Laboratories: Laboratory for fusion research

Activities under Prospective R&D (PRD) are aimed at providing alternative, risk-mitigating, options for DEMO and/or a fusion power plant, targeting the delivery of commercially viable fusion energy. The focus is on research into promising alternative technologies that do not form part of the main DEMO programme due to their current readiness level or higher programmatic risk due to development uncertainty, but which offer the potential for improved reactor performance in the long-term, and/or risk mitigation in case the baseline options cannot be validated. Materials modelling (IREMEV): use of advanced modelling techniques to develop macroscale tools for engineering use capturing the impact of fusion-spectrum radiation damage (e.g. input into finite element models) and to help guide the development of materials design rules and qualification.