Brakethrough Article in Nuclear Materials and Energy Journal


Study of the location of deuterium in displacement-damaged tungsten by nuclear reaction analysis in channeling configuration was published last week in the prestigious Nuclear Materials and Energy Journal. The international group of resesrchers was led by our colleague Doc. Dr Sabina Markelj. Nuclear reaction analysis (NRA-C) together with Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS-C), both in a channeling configuration were used to study the location of deuterium (D) in irradiation-induced defects in tungsten (W) using a 3He probe beam. The multi-detector RBS system was used (below). Understanding the interaction of hydrogen with the host lattice of both plasma-facing (PF) and structural materials is crucial for fusion research, since low hydrogen isotope (HI) retention is a stringent requirement for a fusion reactor.

Article available here

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