Dr Romana Krištof

Research and Development AssociateE-mail:

Romana Krištof field of research is development and implementation of analytical methods based on liquid scintillation techniques. Her main radionuclides of interest are radiocarbon (C-14) and tritium (H-3). Recently she become active in organically bound tritium measurements.


  • BSc in Sanitary engineering (University of Ljubljana, College of Health studies, 2008)
  • PhD in Environmental Studies (University of Nova Gorica, Faculty for postgraduate studies, 2015)


  • young researcher at AMES d.o.o., 2009 – 2013
  • post doctorate associate at IJS, 2016-
  • teaching assistant at Department of Sanitary engineering (UL, Faculty of Health studies),2006, 2019 -

Field of work

  • biocomponent quantification
  • organically bound tritium measurement
  • development of rapid analytical analysis