Fusion technology

Type of project: national programme

Duration: 2019 - 2024

Project leader: Doc. Dr Sabina MarkeljCode: P2-0405Coworkers: Matic PečovnikExternal coworkers: Dr Boštjan Končar (Ext. Project Leader)Laboratories: Laboratory for fusion research

The results of the research program Fusion Technologies will contribute to the development of fusion energy for electricity production, which may represent a major source of clean and safe energy supply for future generations. The research will be carried out in close cooperation and under the coordination of the joint European fusion program EUROfusion, which by providing co-financing of research work, access to the international infrastructure and mobility of researchers, provides a solid basis and guidelines for the scientific research work. The proposed program aims to develop and integrate the existing fusion research from several laboratories. Scientific contributions to the following fields of fusion technology are expected: development of fusion reactor components and systems, structural materials for structural parts of the reactor, structural materials for structural parts of the reactor, plasma-wall interaction in fusion devices, neutron transport in fusion devices and research and modelling of fusion-relevant plasmas.

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