TLD - Laboratory for thermoluminescent dosimetry

Jožef Stefan Institute,
Jamova 39,
SI-1000 Ljubljana,


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Leader: Doc. Dr Benjamin ZorkoCoworkers: Boštjan Črnič, Klara Poiškruh, Sandi Gobec


We use thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD) for measurements:

  • Of workers in medical, authoritative, educational and research institutions and first responder units;
  • in programs, like:
    • off-site radiological monitoring of Krško NPP,
    • environmental radioactivity monitoring in Republic of Slovenia
    • environmental radioactivity monitoring of The central radioactive waste storage facility in Brinje near Ljubljana;
  • in monitoring radioactivity at industrial, medicine, research and other facilities and their surroundings;
  • of individual houses and homes (dwellings);
  • in all other areas that allow the use of TLDs.

The dosemeters that our service offers can be divided into:

  • personal, hand, finger and eye dosimeters for persons, working with sources of ionizing radiation;
  • environmental and workplace area dosimeters;
  • special dosimeters for research purposes (also for measuring radon and its progenies).

Thermoluminescence Dosimetry

Thermoluminescence dosimetry is a method that is widely used for personal dosimetry, environmental dosimetry and dating of archaeological and geological artefacts. It is based on a physical property of certain materials that emit light when they are thermally stimulated. The intensity of the emitted light depends on the concentration of luminescence sites occupied by electrons, which are produced when ionising radiation passes through the material. When the material is heated to a given temperature, electrons recombine at recombination sites, causing the emission of light with a characteristic wavelength. The intensity of the light is proportional to the dose absorbed.


External coworkers

Živa Habjanič

The Laboratory for thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) provides established, reliable, robust and unique dosimetry services for users of ionising radiation. The TLD is authorized by Slovenian Radiation Protection Administration (SRPA) for providing dosimetric services. The TLD is accredited by Slovenian Accrediation  Slovenian Accrediation (accrediation certificate No. LP-022) for doses Hp(10), Hp(0,07), H*(10) and air-kerma. We have more than 30 years experience in personal and environmental dosimetry and more. With our in-house developed TLD system MR200C, which can be classified as an ohmic heating TL measurement system,  we offer quality, fast, reliable and accurate dosimetric services.

The TLD system MR200C has been proven to work well for readings of doses of ionising radiation from 7,5 µSv to 5 Sv. The MR200C comply to the standard IEC 62387. The MR200 system is fully controlled by a PC. Essential data from each measurement are stored in the database. The database was also integrated into the software that controls the measurement.

In personal dosimetry we process dosemeters of more than 1000 workers in medical, authoritative, educational and research institutions and first responder units. In environmental dosimetry we monitor external gamma radiation at more than 200 sites in Slovenia.

For personal dosimetry we offer personal, hand, finger and eye dosimeters, and for area dosimetry we offer environmental and workplace area dosimeters. We also offer special dosimeters tailored for  research and other purposes.

Please do not hesitate to request our accurate and reliable dosimetric service