ARIE - Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe

Department F2
Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana

Leader: Prof. Dr Primož PeliconCoworkers: Dr Matjaž Kavčič

ARIE(s) - The Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe provide unique windows into the workings of the world around us. They include powerful photon sources, such as synchrotrons, laser systems and free-electron lasers; sources of neutrons, ions and other particle beams; and facilities dedicated to advanced electron-microscopy and high magnetic fields.

They are centres of scientific and technological excellence, delivering services, data and know-how to a growing and diverse user community of more than 40,000 researchers in academia and industry, across a range of domains: the physical sciences, energy, engineering, the environment and the earth sciences, as well as medicine, health, food and cultural heritage.

The insights into materials and living matter made possible by their collective tools underpin the advanced research necessary for the success of the Horizon Europe Missions. The ARIEs provide free access to the scientific user community based upon scientific excellence and open data.

The Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe host some of the most advanced characterisation tools in the world.

The suite of instruments available across the network go far beyond the capabilities of conventional analytical methods – resolving smaller features and faster phenomena with greater sensitivity. They can probe deep inside materials and devices under real operating conditions to provide unique insights, resolve technical uncertainties, and enable innovation.

Microanalytical Centre of the Jožef Stefan Institute contributes to the ARIE a set of state-of-the-art analytical capabilities with high energy ion beams in the field of materials, biology, medicine, environment, archaeometry and energy research. We are happy to announce that the first Horizon Europe Infrastructure-related EU project, submitted by ARIE network, was accepted for funding: ReMade@ARI (No. 101058414, 2022-2026).