Dr Darko Hanžel

Research AssociateE-mail: Tel: +38614773518

Dr. Darko Hanžel studies materials properties with measurements of magnetic and electric hyperfine fields using Mössbauer spectroscopy. During his PhD he developed a very efficient detector for conversion electrons which he applied to nondestructive studies of interfaces between a thin film and a substrate. He coordinated an EU project on degradation of materials in aggressive environments (1993-1996). Between 1993 and 2002 he was very active in his laboratory in Slovenia and cooperating laboratories in Mainz, Göttingen, Darmstadt, Madrid and Budapest.  When returning to Slovenia he investigated properties of different battery cathode materials, in cooperation with National Institute of Chemistry, in-situ and in-operando using Mössbauer spectroscopy. He investigated the properties of magnetic nanomaterials and their phase transitions. In cooperation with Rudjer Bosković institute he studies the properties of minerals and sediments in Slovenia and Croatia. Using an example of aluminum- and iron-containing MIL-100, he and his coauthors demonstrated that 27Al NMR spectroscopy, when combined with first-principles calculations and magnetic, X-band electron paramagnetic resonance, Fe K-edge extended X-ray absorption fine structure, and Mössbauer measurements, enables one to accurately determine the arrangement of Al and Fe within the metal trimers, which are the basic building units of MIL-100. In his studies of iron phosphate catalysts for methanol synthesis he determined the prevailing phases and their phase changes in different reaction atmospheres in catalytic process. In cooperation with industrial partners he investigated properties of frozen solutions of magnetic materials, and developed a method that enables measurements od Mössbauer spectra on frozen solutions.

His work has been presented in more than 70 papers in international journals and several invited talks at conferences. He has been active as Slovenia's representative in IBAME (International Board on Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy) abd as a member of advisory boards of several international conferences. Many students have performed their research for graduate and undergraduate degrees in his laboratory.


  • Diploma, University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics, 1984
  • Master of Science, University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics, 1987
  • Doctorate, University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics,1992


  • research associate at JSI, 1987- today
  • postdoctoral stay at Universities of Mainz, Göttingen, Darmstadt ( 1993-2002)
  • doctoral thesis work at University of Mainz (1989-1992)
  • researcher at Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, 1984 – 1987

Field of work

  • materials properties studies using Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • vacuum technology
  • study of phase transitions using various spectroscopies
  • development of measuring methods 
  • electrochemistry, cathode materials studies in operando in laboratory and at synchrotrons
  • catalysts
  • magnetic nanomaterials, organometallic frameworks
  • industrial research, development of measurement procedures for industry
  • minerals and sediments

Other projects


  • SLO-CN  bilateral project in cooperation with KI (2018-2020) Structural Evolution in FePO4 catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane and butane to produce a high selectivity of propylene and butadiene
  • Two EU projects at synchrotron PETRAIII, Hamburg (2012-2014)
  • Project at synchrotron APS, Chicago (2013)
  • International project  IMuseum(15 partners) for preparation of a project for  Horizon 2020, Call NMP-13 (Local E-Store)
  • Bilateral project with  University of Mainz,  Bildung und Phasenbestand dünner Schichten auf eisenhaltigen Materialien
  • Bilateral project with  University of Göttingen, Intermetallische Schutzschichten Fe-Al-X: Bildungskinetik, Struktur und Stabilität
  • Bilateral project with  Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart, ESCA Microscopy Investigations of Chemical Inhomogeneities in Sintered Silicon Nitride Ceramics
  • DAAD stipendium Darmstadt (two months in 2001 and two months in 2002)
  • Bilateral project with  Institute R. Bošković, Zagreb, Sediments
  • Bilateral project with  CSIC Rocasolano, Madrid, 1999-2003
  • Bilateral project with  University Lorand Eötvös, Budapest, 1999-2005
  • Coordination of of EU project (1993-1997) Thin Layers and Interfaces and Their Degradation  in Agressive Environments with partners from University of Mainz, University Lorand Eötvös, Budapest, CSIC Rocasolano


  • Research programme Studies of atoms, molecules and structures by photons and particles Program (1999-2020)
  • ARRS project, Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for the microwave absorbers and magnetic fluids (2007-2010)
  • ARRS project, Novel, enviromental friendly, high energy density materials for use in Li-ion batteries (2007-2010)
  • ARRS project, Nanostructured cathodes for lithium sulphur bateries (2013-2016)
  • Three applied science projects and a development of measurement method for pharmaceutical industry (2017-2018)
  • ARRS Equipment grant (2018) for closed cycle cryostat and Mössbauer experiment

Work in international boards and comitees

  • Representative of Slovenia in IBAME (International Board on Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy) from 1995 to 2008
  • Member of advisory board of Conferences  ICAME95, ICAME97,ICAME99,ICAME2001, ICAME2003, ICAME2005  ( International Conference on the Applications of Mössbauer Effect)
  • Member of advisory board of Conferences  ISIAME96, ISIAME2000, ISIAME2004 in ISIAME 2008, ISIAME2020  (International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of Mössbauer Effect)