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Are you motivated to develop materials for the Circular Economy? The second Call for TransNational Access (TNA) proposals for 2023 is now open. The ReMade@ARI TNA funding support represents a great opportunity for all scientists conducting circular economy research to benefit from a wide range of services including facility access, travel and accommodation support, and much more. As a hub dedicated to developing new materials for a circular economy, ReMade@ARI provides scientists exploring the properties and structures of recyclable materials with coordinated access to more than 50 European analytical research infrastructures.

ReMade - TNA

Access for academic researchers and industry
Deadline for submissions: 11 October 2023.
Proposal submission via our ARIA Portal here.

For more information about our state-of-the art analytical offer, please visit our catalogue of techniques here.

ReMade - Pre-Proposal

Do you want to benefit from our support to develop your preliminary research idea(s) into a full proposal?
Deadline for pre-proposal submissions: 22 September 2023.
Proposal submission via our ARIA Portal here.

For more information, please visit:our website.