Objects and prestige: taste, status, and power (Researches of the material culture in Slovenia)

Type of project: national programme

Duration: 2020 - 2025

Project leader: Dr Marijan NečemerCode: P6-0282Coworkers: Prof. Dr Katarina Vogel-Mikuš, Dr Peter KumpPartners: Jožef Stefan Institute, National Museum of SloveniaLaboratories: XRF - Laboratory for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, ISMIS - Radioactivity Measurements

The objects mankind has surrounded itself through history have shaped time and space. The goal of our researches is to interpret the world of objects of the Slovenian area to the present day. This world is unique in its own creativity, in accepting initiatives from abroad, and in their adaptation to its own needs. Past studies of these issues have yielded precious knowledge and findings and shown how important a segment of historiography material culture is. We aim therefore to integrate our research results in historiography, as well as to disseminate knowledge to different segments of society, from academic circles to the general public.

We are the only research team (except for archaeology) in Slovenia that performs scientific research activities in the field of material culture. We are also the only team that uses modern natural science methods in its research.

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