Seminar: Characterization of Electron Detector


On Monday, September 19th, at 13h, Jan Gobec will present the process of characterization of the Mirion Technologies telescopic detector system, which contains a silicon and germanium detector. The lecture will take place in the physics seminar room of the IJS. Calibration was done with two known radioactive sources - Am-241 in Bi-207. In addition to mentioned sources, the measurement of background was done as well, for the transition of Po-212 with alpha decay to Pb-208 for the Th-232 series. The spectrum of simultaneous events of both detectors for the Bi-207 source was obtained through coincidence search and the electrons were identified. The calibration enabled us to show how precalibrated detectors influence the peak width when the results from both detectors together are added up. Besides the spectrum of simultaneous events, a matrix of found coincidences was created and the efficiency of detectors for charged particles and photons was calculated. The coincidence search was done through a program written in C++ programming language. The analysis of data, calibration of detectors, spectrum and matrix creation, fit of functions and calculation of area under fitted functions was written in Python programming language. You are kindly invited!