Characterization of organic-metal batteries with X-ray Raman scattering performed at DESY, Hamburg


We performed X-ray Raman measurements (XRS) on organic-metal batteries at P01 beamline of PETRA III synchrotron radiation source at DESY, Hamburg in September 2021 within project I-20210340 EC »High energy aluminium-organic batteries studied by X-ray Raman spectroscopy«. We measured O K-edge XRS spectra on organic batteries based on poly anthraquinonyl sulphide – PAQS combined with Al metallic ions. XRS using hard X-ray incident beam provided analysis of bulk cathode material and also operando measurements on working battery, where we could observe the changes in oxygen bonding during battery discharge. Experiment was performed in collaboration with colleagues from the Laboratory for Modern Battery Systems at the National Institute of Chemistry.