Developing tender X-ray spectroscopy probes to tackle problems in materials science and ultrafast science

Type of project: international

Duration: 2021 - 2023

Project leader: Dr Matjaž KavčičCode: N1 0167Coworkers: Dr Marko Petric, Doc. Dr Klemen BučarExternal coworkers: Dr Gyorgy VankoPartners: Wigner Research Centre for Physics, BudapestLaboratories: Laboratory for applied X-ray spectroscopy

The project investigates promising Sulphur-bearing systems with high potential in novel molecular electronics and battery materials to attempt answering some of the current challenges in IT and energy storage. The result will lead to a better understanding of these systems, which will allow a rational design of enhanced materials in these fields. For the execution of the planned work, a new versatile laboratory instrument will be developed that can be applied to study the X-ray fluorescence spectra of S, P, and Cl. These are generally considered as measurable at large scale X-ray facilities (synchrotron light sources) only, in rare and expensive studies. Our project will make it possible to use such techniques in the home laboratory, expediting the investigations, and saving taxpayers money. The resulting equipment will augment the available set of research tools in the region, and in Europe.