The lecture on exotic isotopes


The lecture will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 at 10AM, in the large lecture hall of the JSI. The lecture, given by Žiga Brenčič, entitled "Exotic Isotopes and Exotic Bound States" will take place in English. You are kindly invited to attend the lecture live. There will also be a live ZOOM connection that will be activated a few minutes before the event starts.

Abstract of the lecture:

Contrary to common belief, many nuclear physics processes and isotopes still need to be measured before a complete understanding of nuclear physics can be formed. Of over 7700 isotopes predicted to exist, only some 3000 isotopes have been measured so far. The majority of isotope measurements still missing are for nuclei that lie far away from the valley of stability. Such nuclei are called exotic nuclei. This seminar will discuss exotic nuclear properties like drastic radius enhancement, neutron skins, two-proton radioactivity, double alpha decay, etc. We will discuss where those properties appear and what we can learn from them about the nuclear structure.