Results of the public tender for co-financing of ARRS research projects for 2021


The results of the ARRS' public tender for co-financing research projects are known. In a very fierce competition, the projects proposed by F2 colleagues were excellently evaluated, some even selected. The basic research project (field Technology / Energy), which was proposed by Doc. Dr Sabina Markelj was chosen as the best in the field. A basic project (field Biotechnology / Plant Production and Processing), which was also selected for funding, was proposed by Doc. Dr Paula Pongrac, employed partially at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. As partners of other research organizations, we participated in two additional selected projects as well, the first in the field of "Physics", the second in the field of "Biology". Very positive evaluations of the proposed projects and especially the success in the selection of projects for funding indicate the high quality of research work at the Department.